Participants of Marine Citizen Science in Europe

Dear Marine Citizen Science Partipants,


Thank you for following the link to this survey!


We are researchers (PhD student and supervisors) from iDiv, Germany and the University of Tasmania interested in your opinion of marine citizen science. We are investigating if marine citizen science can increase public understanding about the ocean environment and support for marine conservation in Europe.


Your answers will be anonymous. The survey data we collect will be made available to all participants and marine citizen science projects that take part in the study, and the European Marine Board’s Working Group. The data will not be passed onto other persons or groups. As outlined in our ethics application, and as common data policy in science, the survey data will be saved for 5 years, and after this period all data will be deleted.


This survey will take approx. 10 minutes to complete. It asks questions on 1) your citizen science project, and 2) your experience and opinions of marine citizen science. Participation in the survey is voluntary. You are free to withdraw from this survey at any stage, your personal details will remain confidential.



If you wish to conduct this survey in a language other than English, or have any questions about the study, please email



Thank you very much in advance for taking part in this survey.



Ms. Rachel Kelly

Prof. Dr. Aletta Bonn, Asoc. Prof. Gretta Pecl & Dr. Aysha Fleming
Helmholtz-Center for Environmental Research – UFZ

German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig, Germany

Centre for Marine Socioecology | University of Tasmania, Australia